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Jesus, the GPS to God – Christmas Eve Sermon


Christmas Eve Sermon, 2017 Jesus, the GPS to God! Well, it’s here. Christmas Eve. Advent, the four week time of waiting for Christmas and getting everything ready is now officially over. The bazaars, the shopping, the baking, cleaning, the decorating, the attending to and coordinating all the extra and special events that happen only this […]

The Sunday of Peace: “Comfort My People”

The Sunday of Peace: “Comfort My People” Based on Isaiah 40: 1-11 and Mark 1: 1-8   Today’s Gospel reading is the opening verses of Mark. Mark by the way is the oldest of the 4 gospels of the NT, and is the basis for the writers who wrote the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. […]

Reign of Christ 2017 Where Were You Lord

Reign of Christ 2017 Where Were You Lord November 26, 2017 based on Matthew 25: 31-46   This is the last Sunday of this church year and in Anglican churches we mark this day as “The Reign of Christ” also known in some churches as “Christ the King” Sunday. This special day was “instituted by […]

Anniversary Sunday, November 19, 2017

Anniversary Sunday, November 19, 17 Based on Matthew 21. 12-16 Jesus’ Cleansing of the Temple   Instead of the readings assigned for today by our lectionary schedule, I’ve chosen the scriptures from suggestions in our prayer book for a Church’s anniversary celebration. And the gospel reading I selected is often known as ‘Jesus cleansing the […]

All Saints Sunday Sermon, November 5, 2017

All Saints Sunday Sermon, November 5, 2017 Matthew 5. 1-12, The Beatitudes. All Saints Sunday, the day we celebrate the Saints of the Church—the known and unknown saints. We know of many of the official saints. I thought you might like some information about the Anglican view of Saints, and All Saints Day, so made […]

Loving God: Message for October 29, 2017

Loving God Message for October 29, 2017 Based on Matthew 22. 34-46 Do you remember the first time you fell in love? My first crush was in grade 5, Charlie was his name, the older brother of a school girl friend. We sat together on the bus, and he would bring chocolate bars. I’m sure […]

Reverend’s Message for the season

Well, we’re just days away from ‘All Hallows Eve’, and the weather’s changed, and it seems an end to the glorious summer-like autumn weather. For the first time this season, there was frost on my car windshield this morning! Trinity starts the month with a new venture—a Roast Beef dinner. There are still some tickets […]

Made in God’s Likeness – message for October 22

Made in God’s Likeness Message for October 22, 2017 Based on Matthew 22: 15-22   Let me set the scene for you for our gospel story from Matthew for today. It’s a couple of days after Palm Sunday, the day Jesus is hailed by the people as the Son of David, a prophet, a king, […]

Thoughts for a Thanksgiving Sunday

Thoughts for Thanksgiving Sunday – 2017 Matthew 6: 25-33 You know, I really had trouble putting this sermon together this week—so many false starts and stops, having a thought, going on a tangent with one idea, another would pop into mind, and I’d try again. You’d think a Harvest Thanksgiving celebrations would be easy for […]