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Message for Oct 25, A Markan ‘mini-series’


Homily for October 25th, 2015. A Markan Mini-Series–Christianity 1.0 Mark10:46-52 I’m going to do something a little different today. With the various special services coming up in November and Advent starting on Nov. 29th, this is the last reading of Mark’s gospel we will have for this lectionary year B. So it seemed like a […]

Message for Oct 18th No politics in heaven


Homily for October 18 .15 ‘There are no politics in heaven!’ Based on Mark 10: 35-45 So, what’s your take on this request that James and John’s make of Jesus? It’s an unusual way to make a request isn’t it, asking for an affirmative response before the question is posed. It makes me wonder why […]

Fall Activities for the Season


Hello and Happy Fall! We are well underway with our fall parish activities, including the Sunday School which is up and going in both churches! So sending everyone the October Parish Calendar to keep you abreast of the outreach activities in your church. Each October, we “Show our Thanks by Giving”. The collection baskets for […]