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Noah’s Ark – Sermon for First Sunday in Lent

Noah's Ark First Week of Lent

Noah’s Ark: God pushes the re-set button. Sermon for the First Sunday in Lent, 2015 This is the 1st time I’ve preached on the Noah’s ark, story, and so I felt the need to do some research. Did you know that many cultures from around the world have food legends, some stories older than Noah’s […]

Let Go and Let God! The Healing of Naaman

healing-of-Namaan St James Hanover Healing Service

Let Go and Let God! The Healing of Naaman. (2 Kings 5: 1-14) Healing Service, February 15, 2015 The healing of Naaman is one of my favourite stories, it’ so colourful, and every time I read it, I get something else out of it, which for me, is one of the miracles of the bible! […]

The Commissioning of the Members of Parish Council

Sermon for the Commissioning

Sermon for the Service for the Commissioning of the Members of Parish Council, February 8th, 2015 Based on selected verses from Psalm 71; Ist Corinthians 12: 12-27; Mark 2: 13-17 I’ve gone off the lectionary today, choosing other scriptures that I thought might be inspirational for a service of commissioning. I chose the psalm today […]

Who Has The Authority – Message after Epiphany

who-has-the-authority - Epiphany message

Sermon for Epiphany 4, 2015 Mark 1: 21-28 Exorcism at the Temple in Capernaum Gracious God, Give us ears to hear you, eyes to see you, hearts to know you and minds to understand you. Amen This is Year B in our 3 year cycle of Lectionary Readings, the year when most of our gospel […]