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Homily for the Healing Service June 29th

Healing Service

Homily for the Healing Service June 29. 14 Based on Text: Matthew 9: 9-13, 18-26 As I was reading through these stories I thought it was interesting how the writer of Matthew’s gospel chose to group these particular stories together. Yes, they are all stories of some type of healing, but there was another theme […]

The Challenge of Being Church ~ Do not Fear !

 Homily for Sunday June 22nd: The Challenge of Being Church—Do Not Fear! Based on Matthew. 10. 24-39 24 Disciples are not better than their teacher, and slaves are not better than their master. 25 It is enough for disciples to be like their teacher and for slaves to be like their master. If people call […]

Homily for Trinity, Sunday June 15th

Trinity Sunday, June 15, 2014 The Gospel reading today is the last paragraph in Matthew’s gospel, the culmination and the final words, the last impression Matthew leaves for those in his community. So pretty important words, what has come to be known as the Great Commission: to make disciples of all nations– the good news […]

Synod Highlights

Report on the 172nd Diocese of Huron Synod, May 25-27, 2014   Submitted by Robin Gingerich, Synod Delegate, Trinity Durham. JoAnn has asked me to share the highlights of Synod with you. And being a first timer to synod, for me there are a lot of highlights. So, here goes…On the Sunday, Joan Liddiard, my […]