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“Being Holy” Homily for February 23, 2014

“Being Holy” Homily for February 23  2014  Yr A  Epiphany 7: Based on: Leviticus 19. 1-2, 9-18; 1Corinthians 3: 10-11, 16-23; Matthew 5: 38-48 Our Hebrew Bible reading from Leviticus begins with God telling Moses to speak to the people of Israel and tell them “You shall be holy, for I the LORD your God […]

“Salt & Light” Message for February 9th, 2014

Message for February 9, 2014      Salt & Light: Based on Matthew  5.13-20 Do you think much about salt? I have to admit, in the middle of a Canadian Winter and with all the driving I do, I’ve been thinking a lot about salt lately! Well, besides the roads, how important is salt to us? It’s […]

Homily for our 2014 Commissioning Service ~ Answering Jesus Call

Homily  for  our  2014  Commissioning  Service  Based  on Isaiah  9.  1-­4  Matt  4:  12-­‐22 Well, January’s behind us, a month of grey and stormy skies. And for me, that’s a good thing. I don’t know how the weather affects you, but I’d had enough!    As I was writing this on Monday morning, it was a […]